Our work


Liběro assists in filing an individual complaint and in sending it to the point of destination. If you need our help in submitting an individual complaint to one of the United Nations Treaty Bodies or to the European Court of Human Rights, please, send us a letter containing the following data:




1) your full name and contact details so that we can reach you at any time;

2) an international organism to which you wish to submit your complaint;

3) name of the State against which the complaint is directed;

4) short summary of facts  indicating your rights alleged to have been violated;

5) list of all domestic remedies you have exhausted in order to obtain redress within the State concerned for the alleged violation;

6) if possible, please, provide us with copies of all complaints (recourse to the courts and other public authorities) you possess and also with copies of all decisions of domestic courts and authorities on your claim;

7) your remarks and questions;

If you cannot send any of required documents, please, explain your reasons.



You can send us your letter by email or by post.  Please, see "Contacts".